Libraries & Computers

Keble College Library

All Seminar students are granted users' privileges at Keble College Library. This undergraduate library is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and its collection includes many basic texts and reference books. Library materials do not circulate, but the facility provides ample space and comfort for reading and writing. Students should bring their own portable computers to Oxford as WiFi is available in most parts of the College and the city of Oxford through eduroam. Students also have access to a printer in the Keble library with paper, staples and all necessary office supplies.

The Famous Bodleian Library

Although Keble's library contains a good number of volumes, Seminar students will get reading privileges at the Bodleian Library, the University's principal library. The Bodleian Library Reader card definitely comes with advantages. Opened in 1602, the Bodleian contains over six million volumes, has a staff of 400, and more than twenty reading rooms in ten separate buildings. Since 1610, the Bodleian Library has been a copyright depository for books published in Britain and Ireland. This privilege, augmented by extensive purchases and donations, has made the Bodleian a pre-eminent academic library in Britain. A Reader's Ticket to the Bodleian admits students to the whole university library system that includes the Radcliffe Camera, the Rhodes House Library, the Radcliffe Science Library, and the Law Library. It also admits holders to many of the thirty-nine Oxford colleges without paying any admission charge (usually about 4 GBP each).