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Watch: Oxford: The Plague Years

Oxford: The Plague Years
Lecture given by Dr. Andrew Beaumont on 28 July 2020 as part of Celebratory Alumni Month

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Oxford Summer Seminar Founding History

1960's Alumna: Elaine Brix
A Summer Memory from 1966

1970's Alumni: Hugh Reid
A Summer Memory from 1970

1980's Alumna: Claire Fitzmaurice
A Summer Memory from 1984

1990's Alumna: Lucie Kwon
A Summer Memory from 1994

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Although we realize that students already pay a significant amount to attend the Oxford Summer Seminar, the UMass Amherst program continues to be one of the least expensive summer programs in the country. In short, the program is affordable because it is subsidized by the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, by the Commonwealth College, by various campus departments and by generous alumni who understand the value of studying abroad and who continue to prize the Oxford experience as one of the best of their undergraduate years.

We hope you will consider supporting future students, many of whom have limited resources, who are eager to live, learn, and study in Oxford.

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