Christian Resources at UMass Amherst

Christian organizations on campus
There are a wide variety of Christian organizations on campus, including the local and national organizations whose representatives provide pastoral counseling and other religious services for UMass students. (See the list at the bottom of this page.)

Christian RSO's
There are many Christian student groups at UMass Amherst. To see the list of active organizations, with contact information, go to Campus Pulse.

Local churches
There are also numerous churches in the Five-College Area which serve a wide variety of Christian denominations. For a directory of local houses of worship, click here.

The organizations and advisers listed below are committed to serving the religious and spiritual needs of UMass students. Click on the organization's name for a link to their website. Or for more information, email the contact person (by clicking on their name) or give them a call. They're here to help you!

Athletes in Action
John Corrigan 716-957-8571

Newman Catholic Center
Fr. Gary Dailey 413-549-0300 ext. 101

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
Shane Adams 413-282-7177

Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ)
John Corrigan 716-957-8571

EPIC Movement (Asian American)
Shannon Mitchell 413-717-7173

First Baptist Church
Joshua Raskin 413-549-3596 ext. 13

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Rev. Steven Wilco 413-549-0322

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (for undergraduates)
Elizabeth Booher 217-495-2261

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (for graduate & international students) 
Michael Greene 413-695-2890

Robert Krumrey 413-374-7532

The Navigators (Navs)
Pierre Willems 603-204-0261

Orthodox Christian Fellowship 
Nicholas Groves 773-682-5545

Presbyterian Church USA
Rev. Thomas E. Fisher 413-256-5488

Seventh Day Adventist
Prof. Wilmore Webley

United Christian Foundation(Congregationalist, Methodist, Presbyterian, and other Protestant)
Rev. Kent Higgins 413-374-8194