Fulbright Scholarship

Lily Tang '21

“I am excited for this opportunity to teach English and U.S. history and culture through the lens of anti-racism and anti-U.S. imperialism. I hope to share with my soon-to-be students in Taiwan the experiences of people of color and educate them about the true story of the U.S. by highlighting the struggles and contributions made by BlPOC communities. Additionally, I am looking forward to renegotiating my positionality while abroad as a first-generation, soon-to-be graduate and an Asian-American woman.

Carly Longman '21

“After spending my undergraduate career studying communication in its various forms, I have been granted the opportunity to continue my time abroad as an English teaching assistant in Brazil. As a member of the UMass Amherst’s International Scholars Program, I studied in Paris and Sao Paulo, Brazil, and completed supplementary coursework that exposed me to my unique positionality as an American student.

Danielle Dailey '21

"Through the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship program, I will assist in English language classes and serve as a cultural ambassador in Taiwanese elementary schools. I hope to set up a pen-pal project between my students and students in the U.S. to aid in first-hand cultural exchange between the two countries. While in Taiwan, I plan to study Mandarin and am looking forward to exploring all that the country has to offer in terms of culture, geography, and art.


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