What is a national scholarship and why should I apply for one?

A national scholarship is one that is offered competitively to students from all (or many) U.S. colleges and universities. You should consider applying for one because it will give you the chance to receive funding for your undergraduate or graduate studies but also because it will allow you to explore opportunities beyond the range of our campus.


How do I know which scholarships are right for me?

Some scholarships are specific for students in a particular major or with a particular interest in post-undergraduate opportunities. By browsing through our table of the major scholarships, you’ll see which ones would provide a good fit with your goals and preparation.

Where do I go for more information?

The table of scholarships on this website contains links to the scholarships for which we provide assistance. Click on each of these links and you can learn both about the scholarship and about the specific application process required for that scholarships.

Is there a right number of scholarships to apply to?

Just as many high school students apply to more than one college or university, most scholarship applicants apply to more than one funding source. In some cases, there is only one scholarship for which you should apply, but you greatly increase your chances of finding a funding source if you apply to more than one.