Scholarship Awardees & Finalists

National Scholarship Awardees & Finalists

We are delighted to announce this year’s national scholarship awards recipients and finalists as they come in. University of Massachusetts Amherst’s undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduate students share how they plan to utilize their awards to fulfill their research, studies, and teaching goals. Congratulations to all recipients and finalists!

Fulbright Scholarship

Jordan Legaspi '25
Ph.D. Candidate in Psychology
Host Country: Singapore

Fulbright Research Award 

Julia Burke '23
Biomedical Engineering, Mathematics, Commonwealth Honors College
Host Country: Ireland

Fulbright Study/Research Award

Yoojee Kim '23
Spanish, Linguistics, Commonwealth Honors College
Host Country: Spain

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship

Goldwater Scholarship

Wes Walsh '24
Biology, Commonwealth Honors College

Critical Language Scholarship

Soha Habib '23
Political Science, History, Commonwealth Honors College
Host Country: Oman


Gilman Scholarship

Emi Aleksanyan '24
Linguistics, Psychology, Commonwealth Honors College
Host Country: Italy
Jeffrey Gomez '25
Computer Science, Mathematics
Host Country: Spain