Refund Policy

The term "refund" means returning monies already paid or removing charges that have been posted to a student accounts if they have not yet been paid. In order to receive a refund, the student has to successfully drop the class(es) by the stated deadlines noted below via SPIRE, written request to, or online drop form

The $47 credit registration fee and $25 non-credit registration fee are non-refundable, except when all other charges for all classes in a term are refunded. Campus imposed fees (e.g. UWW (CPE) campus fee) are non-refundable after Add/Drop ends.

Credit classes

  • 100% refund for classes officially dropped by end of Add/Drop for that class
  • 50% refund of per-credit class fees for classes officially withdrawn between the end of the Add/Drop period and the Withdrawal end date
  • All charges will remain on the student's account for classes dropped after the Withdrawal period.

Non-Credit class

  • Classes that run more than one week: 100% refund through the day after class begins; then no refund.
  • Classes that run one week or less: 100% refund through the day before class begins; then no refund.

Selected non-credit programs may have different refund policies, which supersede these standard ones. If such policies exist, they are included in the class description.

Health Withdrawals

Students who must withdraw from all of their classes for medical reasons should request a health withdrawal from University Health Services (UHS). UHS determines the effective date of the withdrawal and the Registrar's Office will withdraw the student. Refunds are then provided in accordance with the above practices.

Active Duty Military Service Withdrawals

Students who are called to active duty military service during the term need to provide a copy of military orders to within one year of the beginning of the term in question. Students will be withdrawn with a 100% refund. Otherwise, students remain responsible for the charges.

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