Undergraduate Degree Programs (“CE-UG”) Policy

Policies specific to Continuing & Professional Education (CPE) Undergraduate Degree Programs (“CE-UG”).

Updated May 2018

Note: These policies serve as an addendum to the University Undergraduate Academic Regulations. Those regulations apply to all students in undergraduate programs administered by CPE.


CPE degree programs are developed by academic departments and administered and delivered by CPE. Although programs may have differences by their nature, it is both desirable and expected that CE-UG majors will be administered consistently with each other and according to these policies.

Academic departments are responsible for assuring that majors offered through CPE meet the same academic standards as comparable on-campus programs and go through appropriate academic approval processes. 

CPE staff is responsible for administrative procedures such as scheduling courses, ensuring that students are able to enroll, paying faculty, and transferring funds between CPE and the academic departments. CPE and academic department staff work cooperatively to develop programs that meet the needs of the academic department while maintaining the integrity of CPE’s and the University’s policies.

I. Admissions

A. Admission to CPE degree programs follows standard Transfer Admissions policies and timelines unless program design allows for admission in winter and/or summer (e.g., Nursing). For example, applicant must have a minimum 2.0 GPA per Massachusetts Board of Higher Education mandate. No acceptances may be communicated to students without consultation with Admissions. Bachelor’s-level CPE programs are not intended for those with no previously earned college credit; the expectation is that these are for nontraditional students with at least 12-27 transferable credits looking to complete their degrees. Associate’s-level programs are designed for both those with some college credit and those without.

Application Deadlines (excluding Nursing): 

  • Fall admission – April 15
  • Spring admission – October 1

College of Nursing deadlines:

  • RN-BS – February 1 (for Summer start) and October 1 (for Spring start)
  • Accelerated Bachelors in Nursing – January 15 (for late summer start)

Applications received after deadline dates may be considered for the following fall or spring (or, for College of Nursing, next applicable term).

After being accepted, students will not be matriculated until they indicate an Intent to Enroll to Admissions based on program procedures.

All application forms and accept packet materials must be approved by CPE Admissions before being distributed to prospective students.

Transfer credits will be awarded based on standard Transfer Admission policies as applied to all other undergraduate students.

The admissions review will incorporate an ESL and International review if appropriate.

B.  Students may not defer admission as per Transfer Admissions policy. Students who are denied need to reapply and pay a new application fee. Students who do not register for classes in their accepted semester must reapply and pay a new application fee. Admissions files will be held for two semesters and then discarded. Therefore, students trying to reapply after more than two semesters must be prepared to supply the full set of application materials (transcripts, etc.).

C.  Newly admitted students need to be enrolled by the end of add/drop of the term for which they were accepted, or they will be withdrawn from their degree program and need to reapply and pay a new application fee. They can register as a non-degree student for that semester following usual deadlines, procedures, and fees, and can reapply for admission for the following semester as long as they meet application deadlines. All students' files for those who failed to enroll will be returned to Admissions, for the usual retention period. 

II. Previously matriculated University students (UG Program) who have never been matriculated as Continuing & Professional Education degree students, who wish to apply to a CE-UG degree program.  (“CE-UG Re-admits”)

All students who were previously enrolled at the Amherst campus in an undergraduate degree program and who (either following a break in enrollment or not) want to switch to a degree program administered by CPE are considered “CE-UG Re-admits.” This includes:

  • Students returning after academic suspension or dismissal.
  • Students who left a campus-based UG degree program in good academic standing and now want to return to active status in a new CPE program.
  • Students who were previously matriculated in University Without Walls as a campus-based (not CPE) student.
  • Students currently active as Ugrad/general students who will file an end-of-term withdrawal with the Registrar’s Office.

These students must apply through the CPE Admissions Office, and pay the readmit application fee. Students eligible for Fresh Start must declare their intention to use Fresh Start before the end of the Add/Drop period of the first term as a CE-UG student. Fresh Start decisions are irrevocable.

If a currently-active UG student applies to become a CE-UG student through the re-admit process, he or she must contact the Undergraduate Registrar’s Office (213 Whitmore) and withdraw himself or herself from the UG program. Students cannot register for courses as a CE-UG student until they are withdrawn from their UG program.

Students may use a maximum of 15 residence credits earned before matriculation as a CE-UG student toward the 45 residence credits required for graduation. Additional residence credits taken before CE-UG matriculation can count toward total credits needed, but not toward the residence credit count. Therefore, students will need to earn at least 30 credits AFTER matriculation into a CE-UG program.

UG students wishing to take their final credits online through CPE should contact the Undergraduate Registrar’s Office for guidance on how to apply for senior year in absentia. Students taking only CPE classes as senior year in absentia remain active in their undergraduate program, and do not become CE-UG students.

As part of the CE-UG re-admit process, students may be required to submit new transcripts from all institutions previously attended (except UMass Amherst), even if credits from those transcripts were previously transferred into the undergraduate record of the student.

A student who has been dismissed from the University may apply for re-admission to a CE-UG degree program after an appropriate period. Students should first contact the program they seek to enter to make sure they are eligible for admission to that program. Approval from the Committee on Admissions and Records (CAR) is required in order for a dismissed student to be re-admitted to a CE-UG degree program. The student contacts the Academic Dean for the Department to which they are seeking admission. The student’s appeal, including a letter from the Dean, must be submitted to CAR requesting that the student be allowed admission despite the dismissal.

UG students admitted to a CE-UG program are subject to University academic requirements, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures published in the “Academic Regulations” and “Code of Student Conduct” in effect when they enter the CE-UG degree program.

III. Change of Major within CE-UG Program, e.g., HTM Online to BBA Online

Students already admitted into a CE-UG major may change to another CE-UG major, provided they meet the requirements for admission into the new major. To make that change, students must complete a CPE Change of Major form. The student must be accepted into the new major by the Program Director (or person designated by the department to authorize acceptance into the major) who signs the form. The form is then signed by a Departmental Representative of the major the student is leaving. The form must be returned to the CPE Registration Office. CE-UG students in this situation should not go through the admissions or the CE-UG readmit process.        

IV. Fresh Start

CE-UG students who were previously matriculated at UMass Amherst as either CE-UG or UG General are eligible for the Fresh Start option, under the same terms and conditions as other University undergraduate students. The CPE Registration & Records Office will evaluate the student’s eligibility for Fresh Start and process the Fresh Start option for those who are eligible and indicate they want to use that option.

V.  Academic Standing/Dismissal

CPE students in a degree program who meet conditions to warrant an Academic Warning/Probation/Suspension/Dismissal are included in all academic standing processing by the University Registrar’s Office. These students are notified by the University Registrar’s Office. Deans will follow the policies that are in place for all undergraduate students to handle academic standing issues.

VI. Five College Interchange 

Beginning Fall 2005, no student matriculated in a CE-UG program will be allowed to enroll in courses through the Five-College Interchange per vote of the Faculty Senate.

VII. Academic Regulations and Appeals Process

CPE degree programs follow University of Massachusetts academic regulations and appeals procedures for academic issues such as Academic Honesty and Academic Status. Policies and procedures are found in the “Code of Student Conduct” and “Academic Regulations” publications.

VIII. Semester Program Information Packet

Semi-annually, the CPE Registration Office updates a registration information packet, and makes it available to CE-UG academic programs. The packet contains details about how to register, when to register, how to drop/withdraw and related deadlines, refund policy, etc. CE-UG academic departments may distribute the packet to their students by email, or post it on their program’s website.  

IX. Reactivation in Continuing & Professional Education Degree Programs

Students who were active beyond the end of Add/Drop for their first semester in a CE-UG degree program, but who have been withdrawn from their program because they either failed to enroll in any classes during a Fall or Spring term, or withdrew from all classes during a term, need to have their record reactivated in order to resume their CE-UG matriculated status. Students must file a Reactivation Form, which includes the signature of their program director or departmental representative, with the CPE Registration Office. Students who have a medical withdrawal on their record must also have the form signed by the medical director of University Health Services. Students who have been away from the university (not taking any classes, including as a non-degree student) for three full years are eligible for the Fresh Start option (see section IV. above).

X. Prior Approval for Transfer Course Work

CE-UG students who wish to take credits at another institution, including any other University of Massachusetts campus or CLEP credits, and transfer them to UMass Amherst to meet degree requirements must complete a Prior Approval for Transfer Course Work form. This form is available on the CPE website and from academic advisers in CE-UG programs.

XI. Withdrawals

Students in CE-UG programs generally do not need to officially withdraw from the University if they want to take a break of one or more terms before finishing their degree. However, it is helpful to know if students are withdrawing for personal or financial reasons, so it is appreciated if students who do not intend to return the following term email the CPE Registration Office at regoff@oe.umass.edu to inform them. Students withdrawing for health reasons must withdraw through University Health Services.

Please note that any withdrawals may affect financial aid – either by having financial aid “pulled back” if students are no longer enrolled in credits for which they had received aid; and/or by putting the students directly into their repayment time period. Therefore, be wise and contact the Financial Aid Office for the specifics of your own situation before submitting withdrawals.

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