Massachusetts Real Estate Licensure

Rapid change in the real estate market has made professional guidance and an insider’s know-how essential for both buyers and sellers.

Unlike many short-term real estate classes, this broad-based program is designed not just for those preparing for realtor licensure — it’s also perennially popular with people buying or selling their own home who want to better understand this important transaction and its potential pitfalls. Benefit from the knowledge of instructors and guest speakers with years of expertise as real estate agents, appraisers, loan officers, attorneys, and property managers as you fulfill the prerequisites for taking the state and national real estate license examination and increase your business savvy in this lively and highly practical course.

Program Details


  • Introduction to real estate as a business, new career or opportunity
  • Provisions of the Massachusetts Licensing Law and Realtor Code of Ethics
  • Interests in real property and liens, easements and other encumbrances to ownership
  • Government limitations to ownership: planning and zoning and eminent domain
  • Deeds, transfers, property descriptions and title evidence
  • The essentials of a valid real estate contract
  • The elements of a title closing statement and calculating closing costs
  • Market value appraisal
  • Real estate finance, mortgage types and sources of money
  • Simple financial calculation practice
  • Types of home ownership: one-family homes, condominiums, cooperatives and others
  • Real estate as an investment


This course fulfills all requirements for taking the Real Estate Salesperson’s License Examination. Application and license test-taking information will be distributed upon course completion.


This course is normally conducted in both the Fall and Spring terms.  Click here for Spring 2020 course information.

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