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University Without Walls (UWW), formerly Continuing & Professional Education (CPE), partners with academic departments and professionals in the field to offer courses and programs to adult learners and traditional-aged students. We strive to develop and offer new and exciting courses/programs that meet the needs of our learning community.

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Course Submission Deadlines

Below are general deadlines for all class submissions which allow for a bit of flexibility. Should you need a more definitive date, please contact us at academicprograms@oe.umass.edu or 413-545-0530.

Fall: Late February
Winter: Mid-April
Spring: Late September
Summer: Mid-November

Class submissions should be sent to your academic department for approval. 

Course Guidelines

Use these tips to prepare your class as appropriate. For additional information, please see our Instructor FAQs.

Winter/Summer sessions

  • Student needs: Winter/Summer session students are generally matriculated full-time students who need to meet general education and departmental requirements. Winter and summer sessions are very popular times for all credit courses.
  • Winter course schedules: Winter session is a rigorous academic challenge, with all the requirements of a full-semester course in an intensive 3-week format.
  • Summer course schedules: Summer session schedule is flexible provided contact hours are met and approved by the department.
  • Minimum contact hours: A 3-credit course must meet a minimum of 35 to 45 contact hours per session.

Fall/Spring semesters

  • Student needs: Fall/spring semester students are generally nontraditional students, including part-time students who are working full time. Course enrollments tend to be much smaller.
  • Fall/Spring course schedules: Courses generally meet one evening a week for 3 hours, with 14 to 15 class meetings. This schedule is flexible provided contact hours are met and approved by the department.
  • Minimum contact hours: A 3-credit course must meet a minimum of 35 to 45 contact hours per semester.

Room Assignments & Changes

Room assignments can be found on your class roster through SPIRE, this website or by emailing academicprograms@oe.umass.edu approximately 1 week before the start of your class.

For purposes of energy conservation and scheduling of building maintenance, classes are clustered in as few buildings as possible. Therefore, we request that a change to your classroom assignment be done only if it is absolutely necessary for teaching and learning effectiveness.

Room requests/changes should be sent to scheduling@oe.umass.edu. A new room assignment will not be effective until after the ADD/DROP deadline. We will contact you if any issues arise from your request.

Following a room change, signs should be posted to the original room. Please remember that new students may be entering your class until the end of the ADD/DROP period. If it is not possible for you to post signs, contact us at 413-545-2414 or academicprograms@oe.umass.edu.

Questions? Contact UWW Scheduling at 413-545-5190.


UWW has a standard compensation schedule based on your campus status (faculty, visiting lecturer, etc.), but some programs or schools may have their own. Please contact your department to determine the correct compensation schedule for your course.

If you have been approved by your department and all paperwork is completed within the specified timeframe, first payments can be expected 1-2 weeks after your first week of teaching. University payments are made bi-weekly. All UWW Instructors must complete an Instructor Appointment form. Additional paperwork will be required if you are a new employee to the University or haven’t been active for over 17 weeks. Graduate Students must also complete a Graduate Assistantship form. To teach at the graduate level, additional paperwork and approvals are required.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Academic Programs or call 413-545-0530. Graduate Students should contact Alice O’Brien, all other instructors should contact Amy Rocasah.

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