Seminar- Topics in Literacy Education


This course is designed for Western Massachusetts Writing Project study groups made up of K-16 teachers pursuing inquiries in literacy education and literacy in the content areas. Specific topics and formats vary, but each course includes a minimum of 12 contact hours (face-to-face, online, or hybrid), readings and research, informal writing and discussions, and a final product/presentation (e.g., model lesson, research report, or reflective essay). This program fulfills a requirement for the Certificate in the Teaching of Writing and may be repeated for up to 3 credits.

Spring 2019

Online Plus in Person

Mar 28, 2019 - Jun 15, 2019: On-Line

Thu, Mar 28, 2019: 4:00-8:30 pmTo be Assigned a Non-GA space

Base cost: $100 ($100/credit)
Term Fee: $47
Class Fee: $
Materials fee may apply. See SPIRE for details
  • Start date: March 28, 2019
  • End date: June 15, 2019
  • Last day to add: April 5, 2019
  • Last day to drop: April 5, 2019
  • Last day to withdraw: May 12, 2019
  • 100% through last day to add
  • 50% through last day to withdraw
  • 0% after last day to withdraw
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