Your Visit: What to Expect

When you arrive at the Ombuds Office, you’ll be greeted and asked to fill out an intake sheet, which gives us the information we need to contact you and also some of the statistical information we collect about our work. All identifying data is shredded at the end of your matter.

When you first consult with an Ombuds, we’ll go over our standards of practice with you to be sure you understand how we operate and the limits of our confidentiality. We’ll answer any questions you have. Then you’ll have a chance to talk through the issue that brought you to the office. The Ombuds may have clarifying questions, or may request that you expand on something you’ve said, but our most important function at this point is to listen to you without judgment.

Once the issues are clarified, the Ombuds will work with you to identify relevant University policies or procedures, and to find options to help you navigate the problem. You and the Ombuds together will decide on the best approach and next steps. The Ombuds will work with you as you proceed, or will provide direct resolution services if that’s what you’ve chosen to do.

When your matter is concluded, the Ombuds will enter the non-identifying data from the intake sheet into the Ombuds database and will confidentially destroy any identifying information and informal notes the Ombuds may have taken.