FAQs for Staff

How is the Ombuds different from other employee support services on campus?

The Ombuds Office is unique in its adherence to the standards of confidentiality, impartiality, informality and independence. We are not officially aligned with any other office, profession, perspective, or purpose on campus, and we do not take sides or make decisions. Our sole goal when working with you is to help you resolve your issues fairly.

Can you help me with problems related to the terms and conditions of my employment?

If you are in a union, that is likely to be the best place to start to find answers to questions that relate to your employment. However, if you aren’t in a union, if your union can’t help, or if the question relates to some other aspect of your work (such as getting along with a co-worker) then the Ombuds office is a good place to find help with these issues.

I can’t stand my co-worker but my supervisor says I have to be able to work with him. How can you help me?

Interpersonal conflicts can add stress to the workplace, and can affect your health and focus. The Ombuds office can work with you to identify the issues underlying your conflict with your co-worker and coach you on some strategies to improve the relationship. If you would like some more structured help, the Ombuds office can provide mediation, facilitated conversation, or other alternative dispute resolution practices (if both parties agree) to work with both of you towards improving your work relationship.