Policy and Procedures

Standard Old Chapel Booking Procedure* 

  1. Submit information through Event Request Form on Old Chapel Website.

  2. Event is approved or declined by Old Chapel Manager. 

  3. If approved, a final confirmation email is sent with additional information. 

  4. Event Sales receives event confirmation from Old Chapel Manager.  

  5. Event walk-through is scheduled with client. 

  • For clients with previous Old Chapel booking(s) history, an email or phone conversation may work in place of the walk-through.  

  • If working with Conference Services, the walk through will be scheduled with your assigned coordinator, who will be your point of contact for your event.

      6. All event walk-through notes are sent via email as a summary to Event Sales and client. 

     7. Event Sales will follow up with financial charges and catering.  

  • This includes table linens, AV needs, and food orders.  

      8. Event Sales will generate BEO (Banquet Event Order).

  • Additions and updates will be sent to ES Coordinator to update BEO. 

      9. Catering, Event Sales, and Old Chapel staff will set event according to information on BEO.  

*Special exceptions may be made to this procedure as needed. 

General Old Chapel Booking Policies and Procedures  

  • Old Chapel is a premier location for institutionally important events, events may be moved or canceled at any time.

  • All event requests must be made through the official Event Request form on the Old Chapel website. Any communication via other means outside of this form (email, phone, in-person) does not guarantee a space reservation confirmation. 

  • Most requests are processed in 1 – 2 business days.  

  • Old Chapel is a premier location for institutionally important events, and events may be moved or canceled at any time. Old Chapel staff will do its best to accommodate any changes.  

  • Organizations may reserve up to five dates for events/meetings at Old Chapel each academic year. Our events cap is to make sure that there is equitable access to space at the Chapel for all groups, on and off-campus.  

  • All events are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.  

  • The Chapel books events by semester. 

  • Please note that a confirmed booking is for the time, date, and location listed in the confirmation only. Future changes may be requested by contacting the Chapel, but be aware that additional space or time changes might not be possible due to other events. Make sure that you have as much information confirmed as possible when making your initial request to ensure the best event experience at Old Chapel. 

  • If changes are made after the booking has been confirmed and the new changes do not work for the Chapel, the event must revert back to the original booking information or risk the possibility of losing your reservation.  

  • Late changes or additions to original requests and misrepresented requests are subject to charges. Failure to cancel event spaces in a timely fashion is subject to charges and/or other penalties.  

  • Old Chapel has the right to cancel, alter, or change any event to preserve the health and safety of the attendees, staff, or employees. 

Old Chapel Hours 

  • The Great Hall is available event bookings from 9 AM to 9 PM Monday - Friday. The first floor Multi-Purpose Room is not available between the hours of 9 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday. 
  • The Multi-Purpose Room may be booked as a single booking space after 5 PM if the permanent room setup and group needs align. Booking this space is at the discretion of the Manager. 
  • Groups may arrive as early as 8 AM for event setup and may stay as late as 10 PM for event breakdown. These times are not negotiable due to the limited availability of staffing at the Chapel and to ensure the best experience for each guest at the Chapel. 

  • Due to the nature of events at the Chapel, all groups are required to abide by their agreed-on event times for setup and cleanup. Groups who stay over their allotted time will be asked to leave by Chapel staff. All organizers are expected to help Chapel staff enforce this policy. Any abuse of this policy may result in future limitations.  

Event Holds 

  • Clients may request a hold on up to 5 future dates before solidifying their booking. 

  • Event Holds are for a 2-week period. The Old Chapel Manager will follow up with client after 2 weeks for either confirmation or release of hold.  

  • An additional 2-week period may be offered for the hold if a date has not been solidified. After this period, the dates will be released back to the public. 

  • To request a hold, email or call the Old Chapel manager to explore possible dates.  

    • Holds are offered as a courtesy to our guests but they may not be offered by the Old Chapel manager at their discretion.  

Audio/Visual Deadlines and Policy 

  • Any media being handled by Old Chapel staff needs to be secured at least 1 week (7 days) before the event.  

  • If an outside A/V technician or specialty service will be present at an event, event coordinators must alert the Old Chapel manager at least 7 days before the event begins.  

  • Please see our A/V list for any specialty service/AV Technician deadlines and costs.  

Catering Deadlines 

  • Due at least 2 weeks (14 days) before the event.  

  • Final Catering Order 

  • Request for Centerpieces/linens/parking passes  

Setup Deadlines and Guidelines 

  • All setups must be approved by the Old Chapel manager. 

  • All room setups must be solidified at least 72 hours before the event start.  

  • Please note that some changes might not be possible due to space, furniture, or time limitations.  

  • Old Chapel does not allow multiple sets during a single event in the same space. 

Additional Old Chapel Policy  

  • The group sponsoring the event is financially liable for any damage, or extraordinary cleanup, to the Chapel equipment, furnishings, and building beyond normal wear and tear. This will be assessed on a per-incident basis.  

  • All uses of University facilities must be in compliance with all federal, state, city, town, and/or county rules, regulations, ordinances applicable to the University, and all applicable University Policies.  

  • Items that are illegal or potentially damaging to Old Chapel are not permitted.  

  • Activities that are illegal, potentially damaging, or disruptive are not permitted.  

  • Animals and pets, except service animals, may not enter Old Chapel.  

  • Lost and Found: Items found will be stored in the Old Chapel office for 30 days. Any UCards turned into the Old Chapel manager will be returned to the UMPD Office. Electronic devices and other items containing personal identification will be turned over to the UMass Police Department. The Old Chapel is not responsible for any lost or left items after an event.  

  • The University has an extensive program for the recycling of paper, metal, plastics, and compost. Containers for this purpose are located throughout Old Chapel. Users are expected to dispose of recyclable and other trash in an appropriate manner.  

  • No decorations or signs may be hung, taped or tacked on the walls, woodwork, or glass at Old Chapel without the Manager’s permission. Specialty adhesive that is safe for the building will be supplied to the client as needed.