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Flagship Analytics Resources

Flagship Analytics is the university's analytics platform powered by Tableau. It is providing the university with interactive dashboads of key student data.

A core set of dashboards is available to all faculty and staff on:

Additional dashboards on class size, student movement, course and student success, and financial aid are available after attending a training sessions. Campus leadership, senior administrators, deans, associate deans, directors, department chairs and data analysts and their designates have received training as of September 2019. Training sessions will be scheduled over the course of the semester, please let us know if you need more access.

All dashboards show aggregate data only, access to individual data or data files is not available at this time.

Logging In

1.Go to and sign in with regular netid and password. You must be on campus or connected via VPN.

2. If prompted to select a site, choose Flagship Analytics.

3. Choose a workbook to access dashboards:

  • Enrollment Trends - Headcount, Course Registration and Student Map.
  • Completions.

Trained users will have access to the following (similar dashboards with more filters as well as more dashboards):

  • Enrollment Trends - Headcount, Course Registration, Class Size and Student Map.
  • Student Success - Persistence, Retention/Graduation, Completions, Course Success and Course Success Detail.
  • Student Movement
  • Financial Aid Trends - Financial Aid and Student Loans.

Navigating Dashboards

  • Use the tabs to navigate to the various dashboards within each workbook.

  • More information about each dashboard is available by clicking on the i button.
  • Navigation buttons on the upper left allow you to Undo the last action or Revert back to the original dashboard.

  • The Download button on the upper right allows you to download the dashboard to your computer (as a PDF or an image), or download the aggregate data seen on the dashboard (as a crosstab or summary data).