Childcare Tuition Assistance

There are several different programs that provide childcare assistance depending on if you are a graduate or undergraduate student. We can help you navigate them.

For undergraduate students

Undergraduate Student Child Care Scholarship

Our office handles applications for childcare tuition assistance for undergraduate students, through our Undergraduate Student Child Care Scholarship (formerly known as CCTA.) The Undergraduate Student Child Care Scholarship provides undergraduate student parents with demonstrated financial need and taking 6 or more credits per term, with tuition assistance for childcare (including full day or part day Pre-K , after school care for children enrolled in K-6 programs and camps) provided by a licensed childcare facility or a registered private home provider. Families with the greatest need are given priority. 

The application for Fall 2019 will be available soon through Academic Works. With any questions, please email or stop by our office.

The scholarship is outlined below:

For students who are full-time and high need (determined by the financial aid office)

Infants (birth-12 months) $600 per month, this translates to: Fall Semester (4 months) award $2,400, Spring Semester (5 months) award $3,000

Toddlers/Preschoolers  $400 per month, Fall $1,600, Spring $2,000

School Age $150 per month, Fall $600, Spring $750

For students who are part-time and high need (determined by the financial aid office)

Infants (birth-12 months) $300 per month, Fall Semester $1,200, Spring Semester $1,500

Toddlers/Preschoolers $200 per month, Fall $800, Spring $1,000

School Age $75 per month, Fall $300, Spring $375

*These are the maximum award amounts.  Adjustments may be made if a student is receiving outside childcare funding or if their actual childcare costs are lower than the grant amounts listed above

For graduate students

Graduate Student Senate (GSS) Childcare Tuition Assistance  

All graduate students may apply for childcare tuition assistance through GSS. See here for complete details about the process. The application form is online on Campus Pulse, you will need to sign in using your UMass NetID and password to submit an application. The deadline for applying for the Spring semester is February 20th, 2019. See the distribution policy for details about eligibility. Please contact GSS with any questions If you are a GEO member, you may apply for funding from both GSS and GEO. For the most up to date information please contact GSS directly.

Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) 

Only graduate students who are GEO members are eligible. If you are a GEO member, you may apply for funds from both GEO and GSS. When you visit the Enrollment Portal, there will be an option to sign up for "Childcare Reimbursement." Then, you submit documentation at the end of each semester and receive compensation depending on the level of need. Summer assistance is also available, and you can submit receipts from June-August 2018 now through 9/15/2018. Eligible childcare receipts must be for state-licensed (or equivalent) infant, toddler or preschool care, or after-school care and summer camp care for a school-aged dependent. For the most up to date information and to answer any questions please contact

Other resources for student seeking financial assistance

Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office connects UMass students to the support, resources, and referrals they need to be successful, acts as a single point of contact for families in crisis, and advocates on behalf of students. Visit the single stop resource page for assistance with housing, food insecurity, finances, legal questions, employment, and more. They also offer a Short Term Loan Program and an Undergraduate Student Emergency Grant Fund intended to assist students in unexpected, emergency situations. Their friendly staff are available to help answer questions at (413) 545-2684.

Student Care Supply Closets 

Provide toiletries and household items for students facing food and financial insecurity. Student Care Supply Closets are located at several offices on campus (Off Campus Student Center, CMASS, Dean of Students Office, or Student Veterans Resource Center). Stop by a location today and take home the toiletries and household items you need this month to help meet your basic needs. Ask for diaper-related supplies at the Student Care Supply Closet in the Off Campus Student Center.