About the AFC

The Amherst Family Center is a playgroup for families with young children birth to five years. It's a place for parents, grandparents, and caregivers to enjoy time with their young ones, build community with other families, and access resources and support programs in a welcoming environment. You are expected to play with or be alongside your child at all times. It is not a child care center, a drop off site, or preschool. It is a lovely place where young children can play and socialize in a safe and stimulating setting and where caregivers can enjoy the company of other parents/caregivers.

The AFC is open to any Hampshire County or University affiliated family and is part of a larger state and county wide network of family playgroups. For a listing of additional playgroups or family centers in the area click here.


Newcomers and returnees will be asked to register before participating, so save yourself some time and register before coming to the center! Please note that there are two separate registration forms for caregivers and parents.

In addition to the registration form we ask that all parents/guardians fill out the Risk and Release form as well as the Informed Consent. In order for children and families to participate at the center, a legal guardian will need to fill these out prior to children's participation. If you are sending someone other than a parent/guardian to the center with your children please have them bring the forms with them with your signature. 

Families will not be able to participate until this form is signed by a legal guardian and is on file at the Amherst Family Center. 

Thank you and we look forward to a fun year together!