Walk This Way

Walk This Way

Partnered with Team Positive Presence, Walk This Way (WTW) is a peer-led program that reminds students to be safe, quiet, and respectful when traveling through residential neighborhoods in Amherst. You can find the team on Friday and Saturday nights from 10PM to 1AM on the corner of Lincoln Ave and Fearing St, or walking throughout the nearby campus boundary (including Southwest).

What We Do (and What We Don’t)

We DO:

  • Make sure students are being respectful of the local residents and their property

  • Provide an immediate source of help in case of an emergency

  • Make sure students are abiding by Amherst’s Open Container law (link)

  • Watch out for students on and off campus

  • Ensure pedestrians are staying safe and on the sidewalk


  • Provide an escort to your destination (UMPD does provide this)

  • Report directly to the police

  • Provide emergency medical services. However, we can find someone who can

Interested in Joining the Team?

Come be part of a team committed to safety and positive social interactions among peers, the University, and the Amherst community! Email ocsc@sacl.umass.edu for more information.