Neighborhood Relations

One of the great things that comes with living off campus is the opportunity to connect with the local community. Many student rentals are in neighborhoods next to permanent residents, and it’s important to understand the different expectations involved. One of the best things to do is introduce yourself to your neighbors when you move in and swap phone numbers. Transparency about expectations and solid communication will make for a great school year. Here are some other great resources to utilize:

Good Neighbor Registration 

  • Gatherings can get loud, regardless of their size. If your Friday or Saturday night get-together gets a bit too noisy, this widely-used program is your simple solution to avoiding noise fines and keeping your neighbors happy.

Good Neighbor Grants 

  • Grants of up to $500 are available for collaborative projects jointly proposed by students and permanent residents in their neighborhoods with the goal of bringing neighbors together and building community. Projects can range from neighborhood cleanups to block parties, or anything in between. Drop by the Off Campus Student Center for more information. We’d love to work with you!