How do I register my party?

Bring your Party Smart Registration form to the Off Campus Student Center by Thursday at 4:00pm for your Friday or Saturday parties. You can even register for future dates!

  • Applicant must be a current UMass Amherst student aged 18 or older living in Amherst or Hadley
  • Provide your address, your name as party host, your cell phone number, and 2 forms of IDs(State and Student ID).
  • Receive your Party Smart Pack and read the Party Smart Registration Rules and Limitations.
  • Sign an acknowledgment that you have received your information packet and that all the information on your registration is correct.

How does Party Smart Registration work while I’m hosting my party?

  • If Amherst Police (APD) or Hadley Police receive a noise complaint related to your party, you get a Courtesy Call to alert you to the complaint and giving you 20 minutes to break up your party.
  • Police will ask if you need help in dealing with your party guests.
  • If you don’t answer your phone, the police will leave a message that a noise complaint has been received. Either way, the 20 minute grace period begins with the Courtesy Call.
  • Break up your party peacefully and quickly and you’re all good!
  • If after 20 minutes, the PD gets a second noise complaint,  Police will be sent to your property to deal with the party. This is avoidable if you get the courtesy call first and end your party.

Learn to be a Smart Host!

Use the Party Smart Tips, and stop in to Off Campus Student Services (OCSC) at Bartlett 103 for more information.


Call OCSC at 413-577-1005 or Amherst Police Department at 413-259-3000