Local Routes

UMass Transit operates a number of routes on behalf of the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) that are fare-free. Click on any of the following to view route times and maps:

Additionally, the following routes aren't operated by UMass Transit but are fare free with a student ID during the academic year:

A special route, the B79 (Amherst/Worcester Intercity), requires a fare but is specifically aligned with the MBTA commuter rail schedule, allowing for easy transfers into Boston.

Reduced Service

Many routes have specific summer or winter schedules that correspond with the absence of many students in town. Others may operate reduced weekend service even during the school year. Check your particular route for specific details.

When UMass cancels Fall or Spring classes for an entire day, or schedules remote learning for an entire day, some buses run on a reduced schedule (as conditions allow):

  • Reduced Weekday Service: Routes 30, 31, 45, 46
  • Full Service: Routes 33, 38 
  • Weekend/Holiday Service: Routes 35
  • No Service: Routes 34, 36

When UMass opens late, closes early, or transitions to remote learning for part of the day, buses run as scheduled (as conditions allow).

FAQs and Maps

UMass transit has an FAQ page, which is a great place to check with general questions. For all route maps, including an interactive map, check out the PVTA's route map page. Finally, you can contact UMass Transit at transit@umass.edu or (413) 545-0056.