Team Positive Presence

Team Positive Presence (TPP) is a student-led initiative focused on peer to peer interactions that are positive, helpful and kind. We promote a positive environment for students during both university-sponsored and student-initiated events. The goals of the TPP program are to facilitate a culture of safe celebrations, increase the sense of community among UMass students, and create a positive social atmosphere on campus. We are active bystanders providing positive social messaging and raising awareness of university and Amherst regulations and laws. We also practice doing random acts of kindness! Come be part of a team committed to safety and positive social interactions among peers, the University, and the Amherst community!

What does Team Positive Presence do?

  • Attend university/student-initiated events and guide student behavior to promote safe and positive interactions.
  • Communicate with peers and serve as positive role models.
  • Provide positive social messaging to peers in person and via social media – before, during, and after events.
  • Learn Active Bystandership skills which can be used during events.
  • Assist in the planning and monitoring of student safety, related to events.

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