Good Neighbor Registration

PLEASE NOTE: there is a new Google form sign-up link for Spring 2023, please update your bookmarks with this new link.

Our noise mitigation program, Good Neighbor Registration (GNR) is currently open to UMass students. Good Neighbor Registration allows UMass students to register their address in order to get a warning regarding noise violations before a traditional police response. 

This is not a license to party, but an opportunity to handle any noise calls yourself before police intervention. Regardless of participating in the program, police response can result in discipline from the Dean of Students. Additionally, officers can issue a verbal warning, a $300 citation, a Criminal Summons, or can even arrest any resident or party guest who is contributing to the unlawful noise.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

NOTE: When the campus is closed for a holiday, GNR meetings will not be available.

– Off Campus Student Life