Good Neighbor Registration Starts Monday March 8th

3/8/2021 - Starting on Monday, March 8th, noise mitigation program, Good Neighbor Registration (GNR) will open to UMass students. A rebranding and retooling of the previous program, Good Neighbor Registration allows UMass students to register their address in order to get a warning regarding noise violations before a traditional police response. 

Participating in Good Neighbor Registration means you are complying with all COVID and social distancing protocols from the town and university and is meant for roommates and housemates to help their community. Merging of multiple bubbles is not advised, and is meant for small groups of housemates and their social bubble. 

This is not a license to party, or gather more than 10 people together. Any police response can result in discipline from the Dean of Students. Additionally, Officers can issue a verbal warning, a $300 citation, a Criminal Summons, or can even Arrest any resident or party guest who is contributing to the unlawful noise.

If you have any questions or would like to continue to meet about information related to best practices related to COVID-19 mitigation or living off campus during this time, please contact us at

- Off Campus Student Life