Party Smart

How to have a good time and avoid unruly guests, fines, sanctions, and arrests!  Know about common party violations, use these tips to help you and your housemates plan, and don't forget Party Smart Registration!

Party Smart Tips

  • Check first. Having parties could violate your lease.  Check with your landlord first. If police are called about an unruly party, the landlord is often notified, as is the Dean of Students Office.
  • Sober Host. Agree who will be the sober resident to monitor the party and respond to complaints.
  • Tell your neighbors you’re having a party. Give them a phone number to call if there’s a problem. You’ll be able to deal with it before anyone calls the police.
  • Set house rules. Practical tips for smart partiers include act like a bouncer at your own place. Use one door for entry and exit. Let only invited people in. Make sure guests come and go peacefully. No smoking inside. Park legally. Lock your valuables.
  • Keep it inside. Crowds gathering on your porch or yard can cause noise complaints and police attention. Plus unwanted party crashers.
  • Set a specific end time for your party. Tell your guests that you'll expect them to leave at that time. Explain that if the neighbors complain about noise, you'll have to shut the party down and ask them to leave.
  • Under 21 is NO fun! If you're not sure, check IDs. If you’re serving alcohol, consider having a separate room for alcohol where only those 21+ can enter. If people under 21 are drinking alcohol, even if they brought it with them, you can be held liable.
  • Know the liquor laws.
  • Get them home safely, make sure guests have transportation. Party hosts may be held liable for guests who drive while intoxicated.
  • Register it! Get a phone call warning and 20 minutes to break it up before the police show up. Fill out Registration Form and bring to the Off Campus Student Center by Thursday at 4 pm for your Friday or Saturday parties. You can even register for future dates!