What is Good Neighbor Registration?

PLEASE NOTE: Good Neighbor Registration is now closed for the school year. We will post the link to the new sign up page for the fall semester here at the end of August.

Our noise mitigation program, Good Neighbor Registration (GNR) is open to UMass students living in Amherst and Hadley. Registered addresses that are the subject of a noise complaint will receive a one time courtesy call from the police department in lieu of a police response. Should subsequent complaints come in, police will respond as usual. This is not a license to party, but an opportunity to handle any noise calls yourself before police intervention. Officers can issue $300 citations for noise, so this program helps save you money and keep your neighbors happy!

If you have any questions, please contact us at ocsc@sacl.umass.edu

Please be advised that when there is a campus closure, including holidays and snow days, GNR meetings will not be available.