Party Smart - Now Accepting Registrations for Fall 2020

Starting for the weekend of August 28th, UMass students will be able to register off campus gatherings they have of 10 or fewer people in our Party Smart Registration program. Due to the Off Ccampus Student Center being closed for fall, our new process includes a required 15 min zoom appointment per registration to review the recommended changes for gatherings due to the COVID pandemic and to check in with party hosts to answer any questions. 


In order to register for our COVID Edition of Party Smart Registration, you must

  1. Fill out a Google Registration Form using your UMass email account,

  2. Sign up for a PSR Registration meeting over Zoom. Last Zoom appointment is 3:45pm Thursday for that weekend, no exceptions.

  3. Attend your meeting with OCSC staff

  4. Receive confirmation email that your registration has processed. Your party is not officially registered until you receive the confirmation email. 


After that, the same general process applies. If your address gets a noise complaint, your address will receive a courtesy call giving you 20 minutes to disperse your gathering, Gatherings need to be limited in size, and as a host, you have a responsibility to keep track of who was at your gathering in case contact tracing is necessary. Only off campus addresses can register for a party


For more information, problems with registration or questions, email us at

For more information about the campus’ response to COVID-19 please visit Thank you.