Relevant Policies and Laws

The Code of Student Conduct (CSC) applies to UMass Amherst students both on and off campus. You, your housemates, and guests can be subject to legal liability, fines, and university sanctions for violations. The Dean of Students Office will be involved in any violations of the Code of Student Conduct or Campus Policies.

Massachusetts State Laws

  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol Under 21: You could be arrested, jailed, fined and CSC.
  • Underage Driver Transporting Alcohol: Under 21 & driving a vehicle carrying alcohol means you could lose your license, fined and CSC.
  • Failure to Disperse: If police order you to leave, do it immediately or you could be arrested.
  • Providing to Minors: Selling or providing alcohol to someone under 21 can result in criminal charges.
  • OUI: If arrested for operating under the influence, your license will be suspended. A conviction means losing your license, paying big fines, higher insurance rates and CSC.
  • Public Urination: Urinate in public, and you can be charged with indecent exposure.

Amherst By-Laws

  • Noise: Excessive noise that disturbs others is illegal and can result in a $300. fine. This includes loud music and yelling.
  • Open Containers: Open containers of alcohol on public property are against the law.
  • Kegs: It’s illegal to have a keg without a permit. Get these through your local police department.
  • Nuisance House: Throwing a rowdy off campus party can cost you your housing, fines and CSC.