Welcome to Off Campus Student Life!

Off Campus Student Life is dedicated to supporting the needs of off campus students. We offer many resources, special programs, and events to help you find off campus housing, stay connected to campus, and link you to your new off campus neighborhood.

Off Campus Assistants are available in the Off Campus Student Center to answer your questions, help you meet your neighbors, party smart, and get involved. Call, email or stop in to see us today!

We help you:

  • Find a perfect off campus place
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities as a renter
  • Navigate landlord or roommate issues
  • Learn about town resources and living in the local area
  • Figure out costs, establish a budget and live sustainably
  • Appreciate local arts, culture, entertainment, retail, and recreation off campus


Click here for job description and application for Team Positive Presence and Walk This Way 

Want to become an Off Campus Assistant? Here is the description and application! 

Do you enjoy working with children and families? Apply to work for Student Parent Programs!