Institutional Climate

Sustainability Survey – Fall 2019

In Fall 2019, UMass Amherst conducted a Sustainability Survey to gather information to support the University’s academic, research, and campus initiatives that promote sustainable living practices in a collaborative environment. Representatives from the School of Earth and Sustainability and University Relations collaborated with OAPA to develop the survey in house after reviewing several surveys conducted by other institutions.

Campus Climate Survey – Fall 2016

In November 2016, the Office of Academic Planning and Assessment (OAPA) conducted a Campus Climate Survey for the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The web-based questionnaire asked students, staff, and faculty about:

  • Perceptions of the inclusiveness of the campus community overall
  • Experiences and interactions within classrooms, schools/colleges, workplace environments, and the surrounding community
  • Experiences and interactions shaped by social identity
  • Perceptions of the University's response to unfair treatment
  • Changes needed to make UMass Amherst a more welcoming and inclusive place for all

The purpose was to assess whether the University's values were reflected in the daily experience of members of the campus community in order to better understand the challenges of creating an environment that is respectful and inclusive for all.

Campus Climate Survey Web Site and Executive Summary

Undergraduate Student Life Study – Spring 2013

In Spring 2013, the Division of Student Affairs & Campus Life administered the Undergraduate Student Life Survey to gain insights to key elements of the UMass Amherst environment, as experienced by undergraduate students.

Student Life 2013 Survey - Aggregate Findings