Faculty and Staff

AFR Survey of Faculty

On April 7th, 2021, OAPA launched an Annual Faculty Review Survey, which was conducted for the AFR/ALR Review Committee and designed in-house. The survey investigated the extent to which the AFR and ALR forms' main reporting sections (Teaching, Research Activity, Creative Activity, and Service) allow faculty members to accurately and comprehensively document their work. All faculty members (n=1,588) were invited to participate, and the final response rate was a robust 47% (n=746).

Survey of New Faculty

In late February, 2019, OAPA conducted a survey of first- and second-year faculty for the Office of Faculty Development (OFD). The survey asked faculty for feedback about how UMass Amherst welcomes, orients, and supports new faculty in order to inform both new initiatives and improvements to existing practices. The survey was designed in-house and the response rate was 44.6% (n=99).

Survey of Retired Faculty

In early summer, 2019, OAPA conducted an online survey of retired faculty and instructional staff, at the behest of the Provost. The confidential survey aimed to gather data to inform university efforts to promote and support constructive relationships with them, and to inform the activities of the Retired Faculty Association (RFA). The survey was designed in-house and included a wide range of both closed- and open-response questions about current connections to the university, recent professional and scholarly activities, recent community/service activities, and involvement with the RFA. The final response rate for the survey was 52.8% (n=292).