Retention Modeling

Over the past two years, OAPA and University Analytics and Institutional Research (UAIR) have collaborated on an exploratory retention-modeling project, focusing on the 2013 and 2016 cohorts (See Appendix on page 5 for select descriptors of these cohorts). We aimed to incorporate in our analyses a broader and richer set of predictor variables than reflected in traditional retention models. Models drawing solely on variables from the university’s student database have been limited to student demographic data (e.g., sex, race/ethnicity, first generation status) and a relatively finite set of student experience indicators (e.g., College/School affiliation, GPA).  A distinct benefit of our new approach to retention modeling is the incorporation of survey data pertaining to an extensive array of student attitudes, perceptions, characteristics, and experiences (from the CIRP Freshman Survey, the Campus Climate Survey, and the National Survey of Student Engagement [NSSE]).

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