Outcomes (At or Before Graduation)

Much attention, both at the national level and on college and university campuses, is paid to the learning and other outcomes associated with a college education. At UMass Amherst, we collect information on graduating seniors’ self-reported learning gains and their early career and graduate study opportunities. We also consider how our seniors’ learning outcomes compare to those of students at other four-year institutions.

The Joint Task Force on Student Success Learning Outcomes (JTFSSLO) was established by the Faculty Senate in December 2015 (Sen. Doc. No. 16-018) and is pleased to provide its report identifying the campus-wide learning objectives along with supporting documentation including mapping to the UMass Amherst Goals and Objectives and information on direct and indirect assessment activities. It is important to remember that the identification of campus-wide learning objectives was approached at a meta-level, meaning JTFSSLO worked on identifying campus-wide learning objectives that could resonate broadly with all units on campus including curricular, co-curricular and student support units.

In addition, our Graduating Senior Survey provides important information to academic departments about how these graduating seniors view their experiences in their major and the extent to which students’ learning, career, and graduate study outcomes match the department’s goals for them.