SRTI Research Briefs

SRTI Reliability and Validity Research: A review of the development of the Student Response to Instruction (SRTI) and reliability and validity research for SRTI and course ratings in general

Effect of Extending the SRTI Survey Period: Given the challenges in maintaining online survey response rates, in fall 2017, the SRTI survey period was extended from 10 to 18 days, closing at the end of the last day of final exams. In this report we set out to answer two questions: (1) did extending the survey period result in an increase in SRTI response rates? (2) did students who submitted SRTI after taking the final exam give lower ratings than students who submitted it before?

SRTI Global Item Order Effects: To improve the flow and logic of the SRTI, in fall 2017, the order of the global items (items 10-12) was changed so that students answer the instructor-related global item immediately following the SRTI diagnostic items (items 1-9, which are also instructor-related) and before the two course-related global items. In this report, we examined whether changing the order of the SRTI global items may have resulted in any item order effects.