SRTI Instructor Information

Spring 2024 SRTI

The main SRTI administration will run from Monday, April 29 (7:00 am ET) through Monday May 20 (11:00 pm ET) for participating programs and departments. Earlier sessions are available for non-standard date courses and instructors who finish teaching before the last day of classes. Please contact your SRTI coordinator or for more information. 

Who Can Use SRTI?

The SRTI online system imports course and instructor information from SPIRE to set up a SRTI survey form for primary instructors of credit-bearing course sections. In order to be evaluated, a person must have a SPIRE designation of “Primary Instructor.” Our office works with program and department SRTI coordinators to help ensure the list of courses and instructors for a semester is complete and correct.

You will receive an informational email from ASER two to three weeks prior to the survey start date, which will contain a list of the course sections that have been set up in the course survey system. 

Team-Taught Courses
More than one person can be assigned a designation of "Primary Instructor." For multiple-instructor or team-taught courses, students will fill out a SRTI form for each instructor. Please explain to your students that they should fill out a form for each instructor and not provide feedback on more than one instructor on a single form.

SRTI Administration

Communication with Students
Once the survey opens, we will email students their first notification. Students can access all of their surveys through a single link provided in the email. There will be four additional reminder emails sent only to students who have not yet completed their forms. Students who use Moodle, Blackboard Learn, or Canvas will be notified in each platform if they have forms that need to be completed. (Instructors who use Moodle will also see a block appear in your course called "UMass Course Surveys." This block provides students with the survey link and reminds them if they still have forms to fill out.)

Communication with Instructors
Toward the end of the first and second weeks of the survey period, we will send an email to instructors that includes the current response rate for each of their course sections. At the end of the survey period, a follow-up email to instructors will report the final response rate for each course section.

Your program or department SRTI coordinator can also provide you updated response rates at any time. 

Additional details about this semester's SRTI administration can be found here.

How Do I Get My Results?

Once the grade submission deadline for the semester has passed, ASER will generate departmental and instructor reports that are made available as electronic files to department and program SRTI coordinators, who then distribute reports to instructors. At this time, it is not possible to look up your SRTI results online. 

How can I get help interpreting my results?

The online resource Interpreting SRTI Results: A Guide for Instructors contains helpful information about the SRTI Section Report which summarizes SRTI results for specific course sections.  

Questions or Concerns

Please feel free to contact our office at or 413-545-2564 if you have any questions or concerns.