Frequently Asked Questions for SRTI Coordinators

Below is a list of frequently asked questions related to SRTI online administration. If you can't find an answer to your question, please email

How do I log into the OWL coordinator tool?

You can access the tool by visiting Log in using your NetID and password.

When can I start using the OWL coordinator tool to set up course surveys?

Your coordinator tool will be opened shortly after the Add/Drop date for the semester. 

My department has classes that end before the official last day of classes, can they survey their students earlier?

Yes, but in order for us to be able to identify them, the must have a non-standard end date specified in SPIRE. You can read more about non-standard date SRTI administration here.

I submitted changes to a course in CAPS. Why isn't the change reflected in my coordinator tool course list?

Changes that you or your schedule representative make in CAPS may take a number of days to get into SPIRE and then into OWL. Be sure to mark changes needed for course surveys as "urgent" so the Registrar's Office knows to prioritize the update.

When will SRTI results for my program or department be available and how do I get them?

Once the grade submission deadline for the semester has passed, OAPA will generate departmental and instructor reports (in .PDF form) that will be sent to you using OneDrive secure storage. Reports for all departments are generally completed 2-4 weeks after the grade submission deadline. 

How do Five College students log in?

All students enrolled in a UMass class have a Net ID, even if they are Five College students. If the student does not know his or her NetID, he should contact the IT Help Desk.

How do the extra surveys appear to students?

Students see a link for their class in the list of surveys to complete. When they select the class, they are shown that there will be two parts. After they click Continue, they are presented with a web page/form that is the SRTI. When they submit that survey, they are presented with the next one on a new page/form which is the extra questions. They can leave the webpage and not submit or they can choose “Quit without Saving”. If they don’t submit, the class will still be on their to do list, and they will still get emails saying they haven’t completed all of their surveys. If they return and choose the class, they’ll only be able to do the extra questions that they didn't submit.