Fall 2020 SRTI Suspension Alternatives

As part of an agreement between the campus administration and MSP, the Provost announced that the traditional administration of the SRTI is suspended for the fall 2020 semester.

In lieu of the traditional SRTI, both OAPA and The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) are offering options for collecting feedback from students for interested instructors. Please note:

  • Instructor participation in either or both of these options is completely voluntary and confidential.
  • The results will go directly (and only) to the instructor. No one in your program, department, or college will have information on whether or not you participated nor will they receive information on the results.
  • Instructors who participate may choose to use the results they receive in whatever manner they see fit.

Option A: Voluntary Fall2020_SRTI

OAPA will administer a slightly revised version of the regular SRTI course surveys for interested instructors. In addition to the usual course survey items, the Fall2020_SRTI includes an additional open-end question about students experiences with remote learning.

Learn more about the Fall2020_SRTI

Option B: CTL Foward FOCUS 

CTL has designed Forward FOCUS (Feedback On Course Understanding and Skills) as a an LMS-based tool for instructors to request student feedback in their courses that will be helpful in planning ahead for teaching their courses. During the move to remote learning faculty adopted many different and often new teaching practices. Forward FOCUS is a way to identify which aspects of face to face and remote learning students felt best supported their learning and engagement.

Learn more about Forward FOCUS

Fall2020_SRTI and Forward FOCUS Comparison Chart

To help choose the option that works best for you, this chart summarizes the major components of each method of collecting feedback for your fall 2020 courses.