Fall 2018 Reporting Changes

Announcing Changes to SRTI Reporting for Fall 2018

The Office of Academic Planning & Assessment (OAPA) collects feedback from SRTI users on a regular basis to inform changes and improvements to the SRTI form, administration process, and reporting of results. In 2016-17, in conjunction with the Working Group on the Evaluation of Teaching, OAPA conducted a more formal review of the SRTI, collecting feedback from a variety of users, members of the Faculty Senate Rules Committee, and members of the Working Group.

Based on this feedback, we are introducing a redesigned SRTI Section Report incorporating the following improvements:

  • Change in Order of SRTI Global Items
  • New Item: Student Level of Effort
  • Interpreting Ratings in Context: The Credible Interval

To read more about the changes, click the links below or download a .pdf version of this information.