Unit Planning and Department Profiles (UAIR)

The University makes available a range of comparative and trend data on departmental instructional and enrollment activity, persistence and graduation, the quality of student experiences, and other key indicators that departments use to inform their program reviews and analyses of their effectiveness.

Department Profiles

University Analytics and Institutional Research (UAIR) department profiles include trend analyses (10 years) reported at the campus, school/college, and department level with student, faculty, and financial statistics.

Strategic Planning Data Tables

These tables have been developed to support strategic planning within departments and schools and colleges. They supplement what is routinely available in the “Departmental Profiles” section of the UAIR website, which includes general information on enrollment, faculty:student ratios, degrees granted, etc. Tables are updated when the most recent data is collected. These tables additionally provide underlying data to what is provided for the annual planning and budgeting process within schools and colleges.