EEP Examples

From Line of Inquiry to Departmental Changes

With the Educational Effectiveness Plan (EEP), departments develop and maintain an ongoing inquiry into the effectiveness of their undergraduate program. This inquiry is meant to support and inform departments’ efforts to enhance the educational experience of their students. Examples of how several departments have moved from their line of inquiry, to evidence collection and to future recommendations or results can be found below.

Curriculum Mapping Matrices

  • Judaic and Near Eastern Studies: Curriculum mapping matrix (in progress)
  • Finance: Table that maps student learning objectives to specific courses
  • Physics: Curriculum mapping matrix
  • History: This document has two tables. The first one provides a description for different levels of expertise for the department student learning objectives and the second one shows different levels of expectations for students’ course work.
  • Gen Ed Curriculum Mapping: Learning Objectives by Gen Ed Course Designations (2018)

Build your own matrix using the OAPA template: We provide an Excel file that has a matrix that might be helpful to you in identifying the links between student learning objectives and curricular processes.

You can view all departments’ updated EEP summaries here