EEP Connections to Strategic Planning Refresh

With the Educational Effectiveness Plan (EEP), departments develop and maintain an ongoing inquiry into the effectiveness of their undergraduate program. This inquiry is meant to support and inform departments’ efforts to enhance the educational experience of their students.

Departments’ EEP efforts can also provide them with information they can use for the University’s Strategic Planning Refresh process which the University introduced in July 2021. The Refresh asks departments to report on their progress meeting each of the three 2018-2023 Campus Strategic Plan goals. The University provided a template including a series of prompts that provide a framework for how departments can approach their Refresh response.

To guide departments in making connections between their EEP and strategic planning processes, we mapped two departments’ EEP responses onto select prompts for Strategic Plan Goal One:

The Strategic Planning Refresh asks departments to collaboratively reflect on their intentions for their students’ learning experiences, and how these intentions are evidenced in departmental course curriculum design and Student Learning Objectives (SLOs). The Refresh specifically asks departments to reflect on how the department is “promoting diversity” and “applying an equity, inclusive, and antiracist lens to the undergraduate curriculum.” To learn more about how the EEP process may help departments in their evaluation of their curricula and SLOs in terms of equity, inclusion, and antiracism, as well as other student learning objectives, click here.