EEP Archive: Initial Launch, Spring 2018

In spring 2018 academic departments submitted updated undergraduate and graduate learning objectives for their programs and a proposal for their initial EEP Inquiry plan for undergraduate student learning and experiences. OAPA worked with the College/School EEP liaisons to review these proposals and provide formative feedback to departments about their plans. OAPA also conducted a qualitative analysis of these proposals to synthesize the information on the changes departments are already making based on the evidence they already have and the specific foci of their EEP inquiry.

Note: The expectations for the Spring 2018 Plan are that departments will complete items 1-4 in the list here, as well as identify a line of inquiry, outline an initial plan, and schedule for conducting the inquiry (inquiry to begin no later than Fall 2018, initial reporting of progress Fall 2019).

All of the above relates to Undergraduate students, but per NEASC requirements, departments should also report Graduate SLO’s.

The following documents contain additional information and instructions for the EEP. Guidance and consultation is also available from the Office of Academic Planning and Assessment (OAPA) by contacting Alicia Remaly ( or 413-545-3320).