Educational Effectiveness Plan (EEP)

Please see the EEP Resource Series page here.

The Educational Effectiveness Plan (EEP) offers an ongoing structure for departments to conduct systematic inquiry into the effectiveness of their efforts to support student success. Drawing from the essential elements of student learning assessment, the EEP focuses on evidence-based inquiry and using results to enhance department/program practices.

EEP provides a streamlined process for departmental reflection and reporting. Inquiry results can be used on an ongoing basis to inform the full range of departmental planning and reporting requirements, including: annual Planning and Budgeting, Program Review (Academic Quality and Development, or AQAD), Strategic and Unit Planning, and Disciplinary and NEASC Accreditation.

To this end, the EEP requires departments to do the following on a regular basis:

  1. Review and adapt your learning objectives and experiential goals for your students.
  2. Review the alignment of these objectives with your curricular design and delivery, instruction, and other practices.
  3. Identify and analyze the evidence you currently have about students’ progress on those objectives.
  4. Identify the actions you will take (or have taken) to improve or enhance your students’ learning and experiences.
  5. Identify and implement a department-defined line of inquiry into student success. The new EEP process includes the expectation that departments will identify, design, and implement their own investigations into their program effectiveness through ongoing inquiry into their students’ learning and experiences.

To facilitate coordination and collaboration across the Colleges and Schools, the Deans have identified an EEP Liaison to work with OAPA in implementing and reviewing the EEP process. The EEP implementation team includes:


Martha Stassen, Associate Provost, Assessment and Educational Effectiveness

Alicia Remaly, Associate Director of Assessment

EEP College/School Liaisons:

CICS -  Jack Wileden -
CNS - Elizabeth Connor -
EDUC - Jennifer Randall - 
ENG - Jim Rinderle -
HFA - Joe Bartolomeo -
ISOM - Bill Brown -
Nursing - Maeve Howett -
SBS - Lynn Phillips -
SPHHS - Dan Gerber -

EEP Progress: Fall 2018

In spring 2018 academic departments submitted updated undergraduate and graduate learning objectives for their programs and a proposal for their initial EEP Inquiry plan for undergraduate student learning and experiences. OAPA worked with the College/School EEP liaisons to review these proposals and provide formative feedback to departments about their plans. OAPA also conducted a qualitative analysis of these proposals to synthesize the information on the changes departments are already making based on the evidence they already have and the specific foci of their EEP inquiry.

Below are links to the following: the EEP summaries for each department; the general memo sent to all departments (you will see notated where we inserted individually-tailored departmental feedback), which includes a summary of the qualitative analyses described above; and the initial EEP Reporting/Review schedule:

Academic Department Learning Objectives and Inquiry Plan

Memo to Departments

Schedule for Next Round of EEP Reporting/Review