About ASER

Assessment, Survey, and Effectiveness Research (ASER) promotes a culture of evidence and equity by leading the campus-wide collection, analysis, and governance of survey- and evaluation-related data. The team also leads institutional- and program-level assessment of student learning to support goals for educational effectiveness, strategic planning, and compliance with regional accreditation. Results of assessment, survey, and effectiveness research are found our website as well as on public-facing dashboards and Flagship Analytics. In addition to providing direction and consultation on campus-wide and department-based student learning assessment, ASER supports intentional improvement by designing and directing survey and evaluation research projects across campus.

ASER welcomes partners in the design and implementation of assessment and evaluation projects that inform institutional improvement. We provide UMass Amherst academic programs and individual faculty with consultation support in several areas:

  • Exploring and articulating student learning outcomes appropriate to a course or program.

  • Finding useful ways of assessing student success in achieving program goals.

  • Developing strategies for ongoing reviews of program effectiveness for quality improvement, accreditation, and other purposes.

  • Developing evaluation plans for new programs, grant proposals, and externally funded projects.