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THE PARTNERS PROGRAM – overview | how it works | sample schedule

The NYPOP Partners Program founded in 2010, brings university students from across the nation to the work places of contemporary professionals in New York City.  The experience encourages students to believe in the possibility of a career in the arts.  On-site sessions examine contemporary aesthetics in concert with an inside perspective on the current professional scene.  We offer answers to the many practical questions that stem from a student’s desire to become an artist, curator, art writer, and museum or gallery worker.

In reality, few universities and colleges are able to sustain an ongoing relationship to the New York art scene. The city’s educational potential is simply too far away and too expensive for most to consider offering on-site educational experiences.   The NYPOP Partners Program changes that situation.  We offer every university art program the opportunity to take advantage of our established network of art professionals and bring their students inside the New York art world.

The NYPOP Partners Program brings groups of university students behind the scenes of the New York art world for an intensive four-day seminar. Our seminars – Thursday evenings through Sunday afternoons – give your students the opportunity to study in New York City without missing too much of their classes on your home campus.

From the moment they arrive in the city, students are immersed in the New York art community. Our headquarters is located in the heart of Chelsea, one of the preeminent art neighborhoods. Thursday evenings in Chelsea are filled with the buzz of dozens of exhibition openings – all within a five-block radius of the NYPOP studio/classroom. After a brief orientation, students are released into the excitement of the Thursday night openings. We have found that there is no better way to kick off a New York visit than by entering the excitement of an evening of Chelsea openings.

In the NYPOP studio/classroom, we offer intensive discussions throughout the seminar, as well as an introduction to New York City and its art neighborhoods. Our Director, Jerry Kearns, has been an active member of the city’s art community since the late 1970s. Our Assistant Director, Amanda Tiller, is newer to the scene – arriving in Brooklyn in 2007. Together, they give the students a first-hand account of the landscape and history of the New York scene.

From our Chelsea headquarters, we travel throughout the city to the workplaces of our guest professionals. Over its twenty-year history, NYPOP has developed an extensive network of artists, curators, critics, and gallery and museum workers. We put our network to work for you, bringing your students to meet with the guest professionals that best meet your educational needs. Our visits are not just on-site artists lectures. We keep our groups small – no more than ten students and their professor – so that students have the opportunity to have intimate conversations with our guests. Our discussions are more than just academic. In addition to talking about their work, our guest artists give students real insight into their experience navigating the professional side of being an artist. We offer answers to the many practical questions that stem from a student’s desire to become a professional artist, curator, art writer, and museum or gallery worker.

Along with visits to our guests’ studios and workplaces, we provide guidance to the city’s many art neighborhoods. We prepare you and your students to navigate the museums and galleries in these neighborhoods. From Chelsea to the Lower East Side, Bushwick to Long Island City – we help you get the most out of where you want to go.