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Suite 314
New York, NY 10001


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Anne Doran, critis at TimeOutNewYork, leads a tour of her current picks in Chelsea

New York City is our campus.  Our Chelsea headquarters offers students a gateway to the city’s most prominent visual art spaces.  Traveling throughout the five boroughs, NYPOP students enjoy intimate conversations with major players in the contemporary art world.   We take them to far-flung neighborhoods to engage in conversations about the realities of contemporary art.

The NYPOP Studio/Classroom
NYPOP headquarters is a two thousand square foot suite located on the third floor of the West Chelsea Arts Building. Situated on West 26th Street, the building is home to over a dozen galleries and almost 200 artists’ studios, making it one of the major art buildings in the city. Chelsea is widely regarded as an epicenter of the contemporary art world. Over 350 galleries and countless studios populate the neighborhood. The NYPOP space is our base and our launching pad. Its central location enables us to meet with prominent gallery directors and curators, who take time out of their busy schedules to make the short walk to the NYPOP space.

Suite 314 is where NYPOP sessions begin. Artists/instructors, Jerry Kearns and Amanda Tiller, also have their studios there. NYPOP sessions frequently leave Chelsea to take students to other art studios, galleries, and museums spread across New York. By conducting seminars in active workplaces, the program transplants students from the familiar isolation of most campus classrooms and repositions them into the busy work-sites of the professional world. Our goal is to encourage the students to see themselves as part of the profession.

Working Spaces
We travel from Chelsea to visit artists, curators, gallerists and critics.   Seminars usually begin by viewing, listening, and discussing our host’s work with them. We then seek their observations about what it is like to work in the contemporary art world.   We learn about the life of a professional.  They tell us how they came to live and work in New York and share thoughts about what is needed, today, when a young graduate moves to the city.

NYPOP invites students to take a look at the real thing.  We believe first-hand experience delivers invaluable educational dividends. Direct contact with professionals stimulates the students’ desires to attempt a career by showing them successful working models. The New York art world is a complex web of interrelated networks.  NYPOP sessions point to the entrances.  Our seminars are designed to reveal the process that leads to the profession.