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Financial Aid

General Information for Undergraduates

Financial aid is available through UMass Financial Aid Services and may be comprised of different types of awards.

Financial Aid Services is committed to working with students and families to provide the best possible financial resources available.

Financial Aid Services can assist you with any questions you may have regarding your financial aid award, student employment, debt management, scholarship searches and financing options that may be available for your college education.

General Information for Graduate Students

There are several offices on campus which provide information to students about resources for funding their education. Unlike financial aid for U.S. undergraduate students, aid to U.S. graduate students is limited to loans and work-study. To qualify for these programs, the Free Application for Financial Aid must be sent to the appropriate offices.

The Financial Aid Services office provides information about various loans, employment and scholarship programs to which students can apply. Many loan programs and all federal aid programs require that applicants be citizens or permanent residents, making international students ineligible to apply.

Financial Aid Services may also be able to inform you about part-time job search programs and can provide debt management information.