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Student and Alumni Profiles

Parash Pijar, DNP '24, Shares COVID-19 Story

May 27, 2020

Meet Our Alumni: Emily Amico '00

May 21, 2020

Nursing Stories from the COVID-19 Front Line: Jordi Goss-Packard ABSN '18

May 21, 2020

DNP Profile: Ronald Rollon

May 19, 2020

Sarah Minton DNP '20 Shares Tribute to UMass Amherst DNP Program

May 15, 2020

Sarah Minton, DNP Family Nurse Practitioner 2020, sent the following message upon her graduation from the program:

"I wanted to send a sincere thank you for the wonderful program that UMass Amherst has offered me these past years. 

DNP Profile: Kim Fallon

May 1, 2020

Christopher Provost '01 Pays Tribute to a Long-Time Professor

Dec 19, 2019

Professor Karen Plotkin helped guide me to be the RN that I am today. She was my advisor in the late '90's, and I was devastated to hear of her passing.