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UManage Faculty

The UManage Center brings together experts in the self-management of chronic conditions, sleep, fatigue, wearable and handheld symptom-monitoring technology, and human factors. The interdisciplinary team of nurses, psychologists, computer scientists, and engineers from across the University of Massachusetts Amherst is uniquely poised to support a wide range of projects. The team can provide diverse perspectives on each project, producing technology solutions that could not be developed in the silos of individual disciplines.

Cynthia Jacelon 

Principal Investigator and Director of the UManage Center, Administrative Core Director

Professor, College of Nursing, PhD, RN-BC, CRRN, FGSA, FAAN

Dr. Jacelon’s research explores the dignity, function, and sense of control of elders with chronic health problems, and how using handheld and wearable devices can help elders self-manage their symptoms. She wants to know how these concepts are related to maintaining health and independence and how healthcare providers can enhance an elder's dignity, sense of control and self-management of the symptoms of chronic health problems.

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Rebecca Spencer

Pilot Project Core Co-Director and Administrative Core Co-Investigator

Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences, PhD

Research in Dr. Spencer’s lab broadly explores a range of questions pertaining to cognition and action and the intersection between them. Her team uses a variety of techniques to explore how the brain learns cognitive and motor tasks and how this brain function changes over sleep.

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Jenna Marquard

Human Factors Core Director

Associate Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, PhD

Dr. Marquard’s research is focused on modeling how individuals gather and use information to make complex decisions, particularly in the area of health information technology.

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Karen Kalmakis 

Pilot Project Core Co-Director and UManage Center Research Fellow

Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, PhD, MPH, FNP-BC, RN

Dr. Kalmakis’s research interests include the biological stress response following exposure to adversity and trauma, managing stress to reduce symptoms of fatigue, and screening and brief intervention for adverse childhood experiences among adult primary care patients. Learn more here.

Benjamin Marlin

Administrative Core Co-Investigator

Associate Professor, College of Information and Computer Sciences, PhD

Dr. Marlin's research interests lie at the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning and statistics. His current applied work is focusing on machine learning-based analytics for clinical and mobile health (mHealth) data.

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Peter Reinhart

UManage Center Executive Committee

Founding Director, Institute for Applied Life Sciences, University of Massachusetts Amherst, PhD

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Rae Walker

UManage Center Research Fellow

Associate Professor, College of Nursing, PhD, RN, OCN

Dr. Walker’s lab investigates person-driven, clinically-translatable solutions for promoting well-being, capability, and dignity while aging with cancer and other forms of chronic illness. The research involves modifying personal environments to fit the unique symptoms, physical abilities, and sensory characteristics of individuals so they can feel better and stay physically active and engaged in valued activities. This work incorporates universal person-centered and environmental assessments, making changes to home or work spaces, and the use of personalized health monitoring devices and other technologies. Dr. Walker's multidisciplinary team incorporates expertise from community members, patients and advocates, nursing and medicine, kinesiology, psychology, gerontology, occupational therapy, and the social and behavioral sciences.Learn more here.

Mary Paterno 

UManage Center Research Fellow

Dr. Paterno is interested in innovative community and clinical solutions to improve perinatal, postpartum, and contraceptive care for vulnerable women. Her goal is to promote healthy and supportive experiences that will lead to positive family building and successful transition to the mothering role. As a certified nurse-midwife, her research is enhanced by her extensive clinical experience in reproductive health.

Raeann LeBlanc

UManage Center Research Fellow

Seedworks Endowed Clinical Associate Professor, College of Nursing, PhD, DNP, GNP-BC, ANP-BC

Dr. LeBlanc is a nurse scientist and a certified adult and older-adult community-based nurse practitioner whose work is focused on self-management of chronic disease.

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Jeungok Choi

UManage Center Research Fellow

Associate Professor, College of Nursing, RN, PhD

Dr. Choi seeks ways to improve healthcare communication by using informatics tools such as mini-tablets. Her research has especially focused on pictograph-enhanced discharge instructions for older adults with low literacy skills.

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Carrie-Ellen Briere

UManage Center Research Fellow

Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, RN, PhD, CLC

Dr. Briere is a human milk scientist focused on stem cells and other bioactives.

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Karen Giuliano

UManage Center Research Fellow

Associate Professor, College of Nursing/Institute of Applied Life Sciences, RN, PhD, MBA, FAAN

Dr. Giuliano specific interests are focused on the intersection of clinical needs and medical technology use, development, and innovation.

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Hyeyoung Park

UManage Center Research Fellow

Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, RN, PhD

Dr. Park research is focused on gerontology and palliative and end of life care.

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