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Summer 2019

How did your nursing education help you get to where you are today?

Professor Karen Plotkin helped guide me to be the RN that I am today. She was my advisor for me in the late '90's, and I was devastated to hear of her passing. 

Since graduation in 2001, I have moved and worked my entire career in Colorado. I retired as a US Air National Guard Flight Nurse Instructor in 2011. I spent about 14 years working in a Level I trauma center in all of the ICUs. I worked in Neuro Interventional Radiology and a busy Transfer Center.

Now my career is focused as a Trauma Nurse Registrar, working on ICD-10 & ISS coding of trauma patients. I helped schedule, coordinate and bring a AAAM AIS 15 course to Colorado and helped obtain two Grant's lowering the cost to $275 for each student. I'm active with the Colorado Trauma Network helping two other members redesign and layout the CTN webpage. I'm also active with the Society of Trauma Nurse's, enrolled in their first course on Business Writing 101: Trauma Registry. 

The beauty of the nursing profession is that there are so many options to the career. The key is to recognize and acknowledge burnout before it happens. Don't let your burnout enter and affect your patient care. That is why I made so many moves within my career, and eventually left the bedside for different places. My education at UMass, specifically my Baccalaureate has helped me prepare for these changes. I often think back to my education at UMass and value my time there and hope that students going through their education and future students looking at education think about that too.

- Christopher Provost '01