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DNP Online Orientation

Welcome to UMass Amherst DNP Program!

Introduction by Dr. Aselton, DNP Program Director

Congratulations on your acceptance to the DNP program in one of our Nurse Practitioner Specialties or Public Health Nurse Leader role concentration! I am Dr. Pamela Aselton, the DNP Program Director.

To begin, please listen to the audio introduction below and then step through the various sections of this orientation. Many sections are accompanied by audio notes. The information included in this online orientation is vital to your success in the UMASS DNP Graduate program—so please read and listen carefully! To begin, after you have listened to the welcomes on this page, proceed to the next portion by clicking the links at the bottom of the screen. If at any time you need to return to a previous page, please use the return links provided at the bottom of each screen, or the "Home: DNP Orientation" link. Please note that we have officially earned the status of College of Nursing due to our highly regarded programs! We have corrected this throughout the text of this online orientation, but the video/audio will continue to say "School" at this time.


Read about our Springfield DNP offerings:

When you have finished the Online Orientation, you are required to complete the mandatory student checklist form.

Lori Anne Lyne, Clinical Placement Coordinator

Click below to listen to Lori Anne Lyne, MSN, ACNP-BC, welcome you to our program. She is a Nurse Practitioner, and the Clinical Placement Coordinator for the School of Nursing. Lori Anne Lyne 413-545-1341

Student Testimonials: How to Succeed in Online Education for the Practice Doctorate

Listen to the testimonial from a recent graduate of the DNP program. Her experiences provide great insight into how to succeed in online education in the UMass College of Nursing online DNP program.


FNP Graduate Amanda Worcester

Amanda Worcester recorded this testimonial as a DNP student. She recently graduated in May 2013 with her DNP/FNP. Congratulations Dr. Worcester!

Please click below to listen to her tell us about the "Five P's to Success in Online Education in the DNP Program at UMass"

Start Here!

Section I: Fundamentals to Getting Started in the DNP Program

Section II: Essentials of DNP: Overview

Section III: Clinical Practica Information

FNP Role


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