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Meet Ben Monat, CON Assistant Director of Development and Stewardship

Jun 15, 2021

Ben Monat, UMass Amherst '13, plays an important role as the Assistant Director of Development and Stewardship at the College of Nursing. Ben opened up about his life, career, and hopes for the future in a recent interview.  

What is your role at the College of Nursing? 

I am the Assistant Director of Development & Stewardship. I endeavor to help our alumni stay connected with the college and get involved in a way that feels meaningful for them. One of my greatest joys is helping to lead our Alumni Board and interacting with our nursing alumni directly. Giving thanks to our college donors is a big part of what I do as well. Lastly, I help to plan multiple alumni events at the college and administer the scholarship application cycle for students.

Tell us about the path you took to arrive at the College of Nursing:

I grew up in Sharon, MA but fell in love with the Pioneer Valley when attending UMass. In high school, I had big plans of working in professional sports in a marketing/sponsorship capacity, but came to realize after graduating in 2013 from the Sport Management department, being a fan of sports was much different than working in sports. In my professional career, I have been fortunate to gain experience in business, fundraising, healthcare, and education, all of which are encompassed in my role here at the college. 

What are some of your interests and hobbies? 

Playing music has been an integral part of my life since beginning on the violin at the age of four. I’ve since transitioned over to playing the guitar and enjoy occasionally playing at a local open mic. I also have a passion for traveling, as I hope to embark on a Safari in Africa in the summer of 2022. I am also an avid “Jeopardy!” viewer, love watching the Patriots every Sunday, and enjoy playing vintage video games in my free time.

Tell us what it's like for you to work at the College of Nursing:

I am very fortunate to work here at the College of Nursing and at UMass. Attending UMass was an important time in my life where I grew into my own, and the people I met at UMass made me feel like I was part of a unique community. Even though I am not a nurse, the college’s alumni, faculty, students, and fellow staff have been incredibly welcoming, something which makes it fun to come into work every day. 

What are your hopes and plans for the future? 

I really love working at UMass as it is my alma mater, and enjoy collaborating with nurses. I try to take things day by day, but if everything works out, I hope to retire from UMass in a few decades and spend a great deal of time traveling and enjoying the little things in life.

Photo: Ben with his grandma at the Hartford Symphony in 2019.


If you’d like to get in touch with Ben, he would be happy to hear from you at