The University of Massachusetts Amherst

PMHNP Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I know this is an online program, but do I ever have to make campus visits?

A:   No, this 100% online program can be done from your home. We do NOT require any campus visits to complete your certificate. 

Q:  Does the College of Nursing provide and arrange clinical placements? 

A:   Students are responsible for finding their own clinical placements.The CON will provide guidance and assistance, including all legal documentation, agreements and contact with the site. However, students are required to make sure that they have access to clinical placement options near where they live (preferably before applying) in order to fulfill the clinical portion of the program. Students are expected to start looking for placements at least 6 months prior to the start of the prospective clinical. Details can be found in our CON Handbook.

Q:  I have a Masters degree already. How will my courses be reviewed?

A:  Students are reviewed for this certificate either with an advanced practice registered nurse or via completion of a master’s degree. Please review the application packet and information which shows both pathways to complete the PMHNP certificate requirements. Students who are APRN’s and have had the 3 P’s (Patho, Pharm and Advanced Physical Assessment) will only need a few courses before starting the clinical sequence.

Q:  Is the admission "rolling"?

A:   Applications are usually reviewed until early April, but space is limited and priority deadline is the prior December 15.Since APRNs will usually start their clinical in the Fall (clinical sequence ONLY starts in Fall) we like to get students admitted before the start of Summer; to allow time for looking for clinical placements and completing all compliance regulations to start clinical.

Non-APRNs will need additional course work and can complete it before starting their clinical rotation, which starts in the Fall (example taking Patho, Pharm or other required courses).


Q:  What do you look for in an applicant?

A:  A successful applicant to the Certificate program will have a completed application consisting of all transcripts, two letters of reference, a CV and a goals statement. Psych experience is preferred, but we will review all files to make sure they are a good fit for our program.

Q:  Is there financial aid for certificate programs?

A:  There is no financial aid for certificate programs as the Certificate is non-degree seeking, but you can contact Financial Aid to see if they have information on private loans for post graduate students.