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Terrie Black Contributes to Landmark American Heart Association Advisory on Essential Components of Cardiovascular Health

Jul 18, 2022

Clinical Associate Professor Terrie Black DNP, MBA, CRRN, FAHA is among the writers -- and the only nurse on the writing team -- who contributed to a landmark Presidential Advisory from the American Heart Association. The advisory, published in AHA Journals, is an update to Life’s Simple 7 (which now adds sleep health to the metrics) and is now known as Life’s Essential 8. This is the first update since 2010.

Life’s Essential 8 includes the eight health behaviors and health factors that are key components of cardiovascular health: healthy diet, participation in physical activity, avoidance of nicotine, healthy sleep, healthy weight, and healthy levels of blood lipids, blood glucose, and blood pressure. 

Read the abstract here and the full article here